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Linkable Networks to Put an End to Clipping Coupons

Working with MasterCard to Help Cardholders Seamlessly Redeem Product and Retailer Offers

NEW YORK — (September 12, 2012) – The hassle and time consuming process of clipping and sorting coupons just got easier with the full rollout of myLinkables by Linkable Networks, a leader in card-linked technology and the industry’s sole provider of both SKU/item level and merchant level offers.

Through an arrangement with MasterCard, MasterCard cardholders will be able to quickly and seamlessly find and redeem customized discounts and offers for specific products and retailers at checkout without requiring a paper coupon. Once cardholders register and download the offers, any time they use a MasterCard linked to that account, the discount or savings will be credited to their account.

“Card-linked offers allow consumers to reap the benefits of coupons without ever having to bring a paper coupon into a store,” said Tom Burgess, CEO of Linkable Networks. “If they see an offer they like, they simply click or text to link it to their card. When they shop in store, the savings are automatically credited back to their MasterCard card. As a pioneer of card-linked offers, I’m proud to partner with MasterCard as they lead the way with emerging payment options to bring a streamlined, more enhanced shopping experience to consumers.”

Linkable Networks advances the card-linked offer category through its ability to generate relevant offer at the SKU or product level. This relationship marks a change in not only how consumers can save, but in giving merchants more ways to develop meaningful clicks-to-bricks marketing efforts. Card-linked offers complement other loyalty programs, helping to improve the efficiency of the shopping experience for both consumers and merchants.

“We continually work to ensure that our cardholders get the best deal and the best experience however and whenever they choose to shop,” said Mario Shiliashki, senior vice president, Emerging Payments, MasterCard. The partnership with Linkable Networks helps us deliver on that promise.”

About Linkable Networks, Inc.

Linkable Networks, based in Boston, Mass., is the only card-linked offer company with the ability to provide coupons and offers at the individual product or SKU-level. The company’s card-linked offers, also known as “MyLinkables,” enable any form of advertisement – TV, radio, print, banner, text, video or mobile ads – to become linkable and are supported by 99% of all credit/debit cards. MyLinkables is transforming the way consumers take advantage of great savings from the brands they love, while delivering pinpoint targeting and attribution for advertisers. Linkable Networks’ technology allows consumers to link SKU-level, store-level and manufacturer-level offers directly to their credit or debit card of choice, with no need to clip coupons, print coupons or load to a store’s loyalty card – and the discounts appear directly on the consumer’s bank statement. Consumers can register through their bank, retail ads or at www.mylinkables.com and can also share them via Facebook and Twitter. Linkable Networks is bridging the gap between advertisers, brands, consumers and financial institutions, leading the way in the transformation of the modern savings model. For more information, about Linkable Networks, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and @Linkables on Twitter.

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