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Linkable Networks Partners with Ohana And Rebates.com

A Offers-based shopper marketing platform Linkable Networks has partnered with rebates company Ohana Companies and shopping service Rebates.com to help streamline the mail-in rebate model and provide card-linked rebates, deals and other incentives to consumers. Through the partnership, retail and … Continue reading

Awards, Patents, Partnerships: Exciting Times, Big News and More to Come!

Wow! These past few weeks have been a really busy and exciting time for us at Linkable Networks, beginning with the announcement that we were named one of Red Herring’s Top 100 North America Winners, an honor that is given … Continue reading

Follow the Offers

In the 1976 movie, All the President’s Men, the character of Deep Throat, played by Hal Holbrook, encourages Bob Woodward, played by Robert Redford, to “Follow the money.” In a pinnacle scene, set in the dark recesses of a D.C. … Continue reading

Buy, Consume, Buy, Repeat

Establishing the direct-to-consumer connection maintains loyalty, brand preference, brand advocacy and gets you promoted. For years, the consumer package goods brand marketers and product managers have relied on freestanding inserts (FSIs) to drive sales of their products. FSIs are those … Continue reading

Save Big This Week

Creative teams in ad agencies used to joke that the copywriter who first wrote the “save big this week” line must be enjoying nice royalties and be retired somewhere sunny. For retail marketers, motivating shoppers that they must shop here … Continue reading

Would You Like PayPal or Plastic?

Recently, Linkable Networks launched a new feature on MyLinkables – the ability to have savings gained by linking and redeeming offers appear on the credit or debit card that you have registered. This new feature changes the perspective in which … Continue reading

Link or Load?

A guide to understanding the differences (and benefits) of loading-an-offer-to-loyalty cards vs. linking-an-offer-to-payment-cards and how exactly the mobile wallet fits into all of this As digital coupons continue to see dramatic growth, clarification is needed to explain the differences and … Continue reading

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Ask yourself a question – if you left your house without your local supermarket’s loyalty card, would you turn around and get it? If you left without your credit/debit card, would you turn around and get it? I asked the … Continue reading

Something They Didn’t Teach You in School

As every marketer was taught or learned through experience, including an offer in an ad has an immediate and direct correlation to driving sales. In traditional media such as direct mail or newspaper inserts, including an offer was common, even … Continue reading

The Death of the Loyalty Card

How many retailer “rewards” card programs are you a member of? I’m guessing it’s more than one. In fact, I bet it’s likely more than 10. Nowadays, “rewards”, or loyalty programs as they are known, have become so ubiquitous, that … Continue reading