This isn’t slideware or a crazy idea. It’s real. We’ve already wired up the 200 million cardholders using American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Now, it’s your turn. Give it a try. Click on an offer and save some money. Think of it as your reward for visiting our site!

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We offer merchants and brands the choice of a self-service or fully-integrated SaaS-based platform. Omnyverse™ is our self-service network enabling advertisers to deliver performance-based offers through leading publishers that can be redeemed in-store, anywhere. Linkable Loyalty is the direct-to-consumer loyalty platform that enables CPG brands to engage with their consumers and reward them for their loyalty – wherever they shop.

This is Linkable. And, this is the future of loyalty.

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While #millennials still browse online, nearly 70% prefer in-store shopping. See more: via @BAMOK

Linkable Networks @Linkables

Calling all #retailers - looking to build up your #customer #loyalty? These tips can get you started: via @jonharules

Linkable Networks @Linkables

DYK: nearly 75% of #consumers use their #mobile devices while shopping in physical stores: via @qrcodepress

Linkable Networks @Linkables

See how offering free in-store Wi-Fi can help increase #customer #loyalty: via @Loyalty360

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