Blog Post: Linkable Breaking New Ground in 2017

Linkable Networks is still riding high after a record-breaking Q4

March 03, 2017

At the end of last year, Linkable introduced new capabilities to the MyLinkables platform that enable retailers and brands to verify purchases independent of tender type at the SKU-level. Following this announcement, the team experienced significant momentum of its platform well into the holiday season. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

• 10.4% redemption rate in Q4
• 104% increase in total consumer retail spend driven by card linked offers (CLOs) in Q4
• Users linked 6.7 offers to their credit cards in Q4, a 205% increase from 2015
• 51% increase in average basket size in Q4

In 2017, we started the year off strong by signing six new SKU-level customers in the first half of Q1. Additionally, the company plans to round out its purchase verification capabilities with a SKU-level solution for both e-commerce and mobile redemptions. Following solid Q1 results and a record-breaking holiday season, Linkable is strategically positioned in the market for the year ahead.

Specifically, Linkable is positioning itself as the full-solution for CPG/Vendors to track all attribution across any type of media (TV, print, video, online, in-store, mobile & social) and offer 100 percent retailer coverage. The company continues to grow with over 22,000 retailer locations and 12,000 campaigns.

We look forward to seeing what the year ahead brings as we continue to scale our solution.