Performance-based digital media meets the physical store.

Nearly 80% of shoppers want coupons to redeem automatically. Why? Because finding, printing, clipping, sorting and remembering them is a pain and incredibly inefficient. It’s no wonder only 1% of coupons are redeemed. With the Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform, the experience is simple, smart and automatic:

  • You present offers and loyalty incentives to your shoppers – online, mobile, in-store, printed, beacons, ads, anywhere and everywhere.
  • Your shoppers select the ones they want, and then link them directly to their credit or debit card.
  • As they shop, the savings are redeemed automatically. Nothing to clip, cut, present or lose.

Every offer is measured, providing 100% attribution. Now, you’ll know that your advertising and promotions are working based on real sales across all channels.

Connecting digital to physical retail.

Until now, the only way to connect digital and physical was through print at home. While it served its purpose, the innovation has since expired. There is now a smarter, easier and cheaper way to bring national, digital campaigns into stores. It’s called Linkable and the idea is simple. Engage and reward your shoppers wherever they purchase and provide the right attribution… regardless of channel. Why? Because your shoppers don’t care about omni-channel, attribution or measurement. They care about getting the right discount or reward regardless of where they buy. And, they want it to be an easy, and automated, experience.

By removing the friction of coupon redemption, you can focus on delivering a great experience for your shoppers – and one that gets them through checkout quicker (wherever they shop). Not to mention, no lost sales from shoppers who forget their coupons.

In-store attribution of any digital media.
100% digital. Zero integration.

Not a coupon. It’s a Linkable.

Measuring the purchase behavior of 180 million cardholders in the U.S., the Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform gives you a new way to incent and reward consumers for purchasing specific products in-store, where 93 percent of all retail sales still occur. The core to the Platform is a card-linked offer or, what we call, a Linkable. As a pioneer of the industry, Linkable has enabled any type of digital media to leverage the unique capabilities intrinsic to card-linked offers.

How does this help you? Coupon redemption slows down the checkout process while adding unnecessary time and cost. But, what if it could happen automatically… and in the background? It would be cheaper, faster, and easier and be exactly what shoppers want – especially millennials! We call it Automatic Redemption™. It occurs when coupons or loyalty incentives are linked directly to the shopper’s credit or debit card and redemption happens seamlessly when they swipe their card to pay. No printing at home. Nothing for them to lose. Just a great experience that expedites checkout and lowers your costs.

With more and more leading brands reallocating national dollars to purely digital campaigns, you need to be one of the places that shoppers can redeem these offers. It’s possible today, and it’s awesome.

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78% of shoppers want coupons to redeem automatically.
Don’t you?