Linkable Media

Attribution. It’s at the core of any successful media campaign. Especially digital campaigns. But, how do you measure the impact of digital media on actual, in-store sales? Until now, you had to rely on test-and-control or panel data that provided good data, but not actual sales data. With more and more digital media being bought programmatically, especially mobile, it’s become even more critical to measure the real results. So, what if you could add measurability to any campaign in a way that provides value for you and your consumers? You can and it’s called Linkable Media.

The bridge between online and offline is one that many have attempted to build. Early attempts, like printed coupons, have failed to appeal to mass audiences because of the work involved by the consumer. And, this is only amplified with the digitally savvy consumers called millennials. By providing a way for consumers to digitally save coupons, incentives or rewards on their credit or debit card, you can measure the impact of your campaign regardless of where they shop.

With Linkable Media, you can:

  • Measure the impact of digital media on in-store sales.
  • Easily add attribution to any digital media campaign.
  • View and optimize campaign performance in real-time.
  • Promote specific products, categories or departments.