Linkable Loyalty

The next generation of consumers, millennials, want all of the benefits and rewards of loyalty programs, but don’t want any of the hassle or work. Linkable enables a fully digital loyalty experience that automatically tracks and reports on their spending. They get the reward, you get the loyalty… and the data.

On average, consumers belong to 29 loyalty programs, but are only active in 12*. Why? Because they’re not getting enough value from them all. Either they forget the loyalty card or to present it at purchase. Or, don’t even remember they have it because they’re not earning enough from it. But, what if their credit or debit card could be their loyalty card? They’d never forget it. You’d see every transaction. They’d earn more. Everyone wins!

Linkable Loyalty is additive to your existing loyalty program or platform and enables you to:

  • Activate instantly: No waiting for a “loyalty card” because it’s already in their pocket.
  • Increase participation: Make the credit/debit card the loyalty card and thwart the “I don’t want to carry another card” objection!
  • Amplify: Extend the reach of your program to anywhere a credit/debit card can be used.
  • Retain: Because it’s always on, consumers never miss earning “points.” As such, they stay in the program.

Your program. On steroids.

Linkable Loyalty isn’t another program or platform. It extends the reach of your existing program or platform to include 180M cardholders from American Express, MasterCard and Visa. No extra app or card needed. No changes to your program. Just more rewards!

Activate instantly

Two of the top reasons consumers don’t join a loyalty program are that they don’t want to carry yet another card or they don’t want to have to wait for the program to activate. By card-link enabling your program through Linkable Loyalty, your members have instant use of your loyalty program without having to carry or wait for another card.

Amplify your reach

With nearly 1 billion American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards in circulation across the U.S., you can provide your network with unparalleled reach to consumers and quickly add nearly any retailer across the country. In days.

Cross-retailer engagement

With no POS integration, you can now reward your members wherever they shop. Because it’s built on the Shopper Attribution Platform, Linkable Loyalty can track, measure and reward purchases across any retailer or etailer that accepts credit cards. With more places to earn, your members will become addicted!

Retain more members

Loyalty doesn’t start and stop. It’s always there and it should always be on. Members love being rewarded for their loyalty. In fact, half of Millennials say they will not be loyal to a brand that doesn’t have a loyalty program. Now, because your program will always be “on,” members never miss a chance to earn points. And, when they earn more, they stay longer.

Measure everywhere

By automatically tracking and rewarding your members across a wider network and using the credit or debit card already in their pockets, you’ll be able to provide even greater attribution of the in-store, and online, impact your program has for your retail and brand partners.

Flexible Reward Types

Linkable Loyalty supports points programs, cash-back, e-gifts, iTunes, digital currency, vendor-funded offers, SKU-level rewards, hugs and more. Okay, maybe we haven’t figured out digital hugs… yet.

Easy API Integration

Linkable Loyalty is designed to integrate quickly and easily with your loyalty program or platform. Through our simple API’s, you can add the communication, tracking and measurement capabilities into your existing user experience meaning no learning curve for your members. Just the program they already love, but with more options!

How it works

The consumer experience is simple. Your members simply sign-up using the responsive form where they provide their credit or debit card information. They then review and link the offers and rewards the wish to participate in. And, finally, they shop and dine at any participating merchant. Along the way, they receive custom-branded communications notifying members of things such as when they’ve redeemed an offer, linked an offer or an offer is about to expire.

See how it works.

Ready to get started? Give us a shout and we’ll discuss how we can get you Linkable-enabled quickly.


*Source: Colloquy (great loyalty data!)