As the largest card-linked offer affiliate network, Omnyverse is the place for advertisers and publishers to find high-value clip-to-card offers. Working exactly like the affiliate networks you already know –Linkshare, Commission Junction or EEAN – Omnyverse is different in that offers are linked to a credit or debit card and can be used both online and in store. Gone are the days of printing at home or typing in promo codes. It’s about creating a 100% digital, 100% attributable and 100% omni-channel experience. With 93% of retail transactions occurring in store, affiliate markets have had to use archaic methods such as print at home to reach and influence shoppers. It’s been a reasonable stop-gap, but it’s 2015 and Millennial and savvy shoppers demand better, smarter and easier ways of shopping and saving. Built on top of the Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform and Impact Radius, Omnyverse lets you deliver the type of experience your shoppers want – easy and always-on.

Digital and Affiliate Marketing have been very powerful tools in driving and attributing online sales. For the most part, however, these amazing tools have been limited to ecommerce. But, what if you could bring all of the power of digital marketing and media,in-store? Now, you can. Including the magic of digital tracking, attribution and closed-loop measurement. As the only card-linked offer affiliate network, Omnyverse is the place for advertisers and publishers to find:

  • High-value Linkable Offers™ that connect to 80+ million shoppers each month;
  • Paperless site-to-store attribution;
  • Omni-channel sales attribution;
  • Zero point-of-sale (POS) or ecommerce integration;
  • Actionable and measurable advertising and CRM campaigns;
  • Rapid set-up and publishing of offers.

Even though e-commerce is still growing at an incredible pace, it’s still less than 6% of retail sales. Omnyverse lets you influence and attribute 100% of both online and in-store sales in one controllable, integrated campaign or offer. This is true, omnichannel engagement and it’s only with Omnyverse.


For Advertisers

Do you know affiliate networks Linkshare, Commission Junction or EEAN? Omnyverse is similar, but with one significant exception: it doesn’t rely on pixels and cookies to track online attribution. Nor, do we use promo codes or print at home to drive shoppers in-store. Built on top of Linkable Loyalty and Impact Radius, Omnyverse powers Linkable Offers that are redeemable anytime, anywhere. No printing.. No promo codes. Just 100% digital, attributable and omni-channel offers and promotions.

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For Publishers

Last-in attribution is the bane of your existence. What if you could show that it wasn’t a last-second Google search for promo codes that drove a sale? But rather, who drove the initial interest and, ultimately, the purchase. Well, now you can. Omnyverse is based on first-click attribution and, because the offer is clipped to the consumer’s credit or debit card, the attribution is cross-channel. This happens without POS or e-commerce integration and enables you to reach further in-store using a process that consumers want – Invisible Redemption.

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Online to offline

As 44 percent of U.S. shoppers combine online and in-person shopping, Omnyverse perfectly complements today’s omni-channel, digitally savvy and highly mobile shopper. With 86 percent of shoppers researching online before they go in-store, Omnyverse enables retailers to deploy digital incentives that harness this behavior and directly drive in-store sales. And, as 93 percent of total retail sales are still generated at brick-and-mortar stores, Omnyverse is truly transformational in its ability to connect digital discovery to a physical purchase in a way that’s fully measurable.

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