Shopper Attribution Platform

Measuring the in-store impact of digital media has, until now, been limited to test and control or panels for measurement. But, what if you could measure your digital and social media investments based on real, in-store sales? You can! Measuring the purchase behavior of 180 million cardholders in the U.S., the Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform gives brands and retailers a new way to incent and reward consumers for purchasing specific products in-store, where 93 percent of all retail sales still occur.

While e-commerce has been growing at a rapid pace, many retailers have struggled with driving in-store sales growth. And with increased competition, retailers need a more effective way to increase foot traffic in-store where the average customer spend is typically higher than online. The Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform helps retailers instantly promote incentives that convert the 71 percent of shoppers, who are researching price, coupons and reviews while in-store, into buyers.

In addition to being able to support whole-store offers and rewards, the Shopper Attribution Platform includes three industry firsts:

  • SKU-level offers and rewards: Core to the Linkable platform is the ability for retailers, and their brand partners, to create digital offers that include or exclude specific items, categories, departments and locations. This allows a retailer’s vendor brand to directly attribute their media dollars to in-store spending through their retail channels.
  • Coupon anti-stacking: Linkable prevents the ability for consumers to “stack” digital and printed offers in a single transaction solving a big concern of retailers and brands as the industry shifts from print to digital coupons and promotions.
  • Universal data connect: Linkable connects directly with the card networks, select processors or the retailer’s data center to provide multiple layers of data redundancy for card-linked offers.

Automatic Redemption

Nearly 80% of shoppers want coupons and discounts to be applied automatically. In other words, they’re tired of fumbling with coupons. Be it paper, mobile, promo code, smoke-signal, or whatever, it’s a hassle. But, there is a better way – automatic offer processing. A shopper sees or receives an offer they like. They Link it to their card and, when they are ready to purchase, the offer is processed automatically upon swipe. Talk about saving on both time and money! Need even more of a reason? How about a faster and easier checkout, which in turn provides an overall better experience. Paperless redemption means that your staff can be focused on servicing your shoppers – not boxing and mailing coupons.

Zero POS integration

One of the biggest challenges of most digital couponing or promotional platforms is point-of-sale (POS) integration. It makes marketers shriek in horror and makes IT people’s stomachs flip when they hear, “it’s easy.” We don’t want to put anyone through distress, so we built a very straightforward way of seeing all shopper transactions post-purchase and in your data warehouse. It’s patented (not patent-pending) and brilliant. Let us show you how we do this!

In-store attribution

Digital media and marketing is great because it’s less expensive and you can measure the results online immediately. However, 93% of retail sales still occur in the store. You also know that your digital media is driving in-store sales, and yet you can still only measure this with test-and-control. What if you could properly attribute all of your marketing and media to any channel? Digital to in-store. Print to digital. Social to store. Any channel. Any offer. Any shopper. When leveraging the reach of clip to card, you can.


One of the biggest challenges of most digital couponing or promotional platforms is point-of-sale (POS) integration. Good news. No POS integration needed here. SKU Matcher is Linkable’s Patented technology that securely sniffs transactions (post-purchase) and looks for matches between unique ID’s and the necessary purchase criteria (amount, SKU, location, etc.). SKU Matcher resides inside the firewall and all communication is initiated as an outbound request to SKU Central. Additionally, no credit card data (PAN) is passed to SKU Central, meaning your consumers’ data remains secure. Linkable is a PCI Level 1 accredited company and we take data security seriously. It’s built into our DNA.


Think of SKU Central as the processor of loyalty. When a consumer links an offer, it is captured by SKU Central which notifies SKU Matcher to watch for a specific purchase by a specific consumer (and even at a specific location). When it receives a notification from SKU Matcher that a consumer has successfully made an appropriate purchase, it initiates the reward process directly through the appropriate network. And, to make sure that the system is functioning properly, SKU Central performs regular health checks on SKU Matcher to ensure reliability, accuracy and security.


Print-at-home was a good idea when it was invented a decade ago, but times and technology have most certainly changed and so have consumer expectations. They want a smarter way to be engaged and ultimately, to save. Yes, savings and deals have become a core element of the marketing mix, but print at home is no longer the way to go. You need paperless site-to-store, and it starts with a simple concept: Linkable Offers. What’s the one thing every consumer uses during nearly any transaction? Their credit or debit card. Accepted everywhere and always with them, Linkable Offers let consumers take advantage of the promotions, coupons, rebates and the like in a way that is most convenient to them. No matter where they shop, your consumers can be rewarded for their loyalty.


It goes beyond just site-to-store. In the past, quantifying the impact your social media has on your sales has been limited and is usually driven by test-and-control. But what if you could use social media to provide your followers with ways to reward their loyalty and directly measure the sales lift? With Linkable, your social media becomes actionable, driving consumers to an offer or promotion they can Link to their card and use in-store. Create a page on Facebook or a Twitter campaign that rewards consumers when they reach certain levels of spend – something you can now track across all channels. Take social to a place it’s never been before – in the store.


Properly attributing your digital and mobile advertising is incredibly difficult because it’s nearly impossible to connect a single consumer to the exact piece of media that drove their interest. Until now! With Linkable Offers, you can add an actionable and measurable promotion, reward or coupon to your mobile, digital or video ads. When the consumer links this offer to their credit or debit card, you’re able to measure the impact it has on in-store purchases wherever they shop. No more test-and-control. Real data based on real sales. Doing so will enable you to optimize your advertising, targeting and rewards to drive the optimal flow of new and loyal consumers. Even better? You’re giving consumers what they want – a unified experience across all of your channels.

Omni-channel Linkable Offers

Card Linked Offers are foundational to our platform as they enable us to connect nearly any merchant or brand to 180 million accountholders from American Express, MasterCard, PayPal and Visa. Linkable Offers take this one step further and are different from what’s known as Card Linked Marketing. With Linkable, it is the consumer or shopper, not the brand, bank or retailer, who selects which offers they want. And, they can select from a wide array of offer types including:

  • SKU/Item – exclusive to Linkable and focused on promoting specific products, SKU-level offers let you reward or incent single-product purchases.
  • Department/Category – another Linkable exclusive, Department/Category offers drive volume and frequency within specific groupings defined by you.
  • Excluded items – focused on supporting other offer types, this enables you to exclude specific items or categories to ensure proper usage.
  • Store location(s) – focused on driving volume and frequency at a specific store location or set of locations, these can be used independently or as part of another offer type.
  • Discount on Spend – focused on driving volume and frequency, these can reach across multiple retailers and run over time.
  • Basket Threshold – focused on boosting basket size, these are specific to select retailers and applicable across a single trip.
  • Multi-visit – focused on driving frequency and changing behavior, you can simply reward consumers for the frequency of their visits.
  • Bundled – focused on driving cross-category sales, you can reward or entice consumers to buy multiple products during a single trip.
  • Storewide – focused on driving return visits or purchases, storewide (also known as whole-store) offers entice consumers to shop the entire store.

Ready to change your shoppers’ experience? Give us a shout. We’d love to talk to you about how to make omni-channel work today!