The shopper attribution platform
reaching 180 million cardholders.

We offer retailers and brands the choice of a full-service or fully-integrated SaaS-based platform leveraging the ubiquitous reach of the more than 180 million credit and debit cardholders in the U.S. by directly saving, or linking, offers and coupons to a consumer’s card account. The Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform is the foundation for Linkable’s solutions:

  • Linkable Purchase Verification: All-digital coupons or rewards – store-wide or item-level – either linked to consumer’s credit/debit card or consumer transmits paper receipt or digital receipt – cash back settles to consumer’s credit or debit card within 24-48 hours without paper, a promotion code or another app.
  • Linkable Media: In-store attribution of digital media based on consumer purchases.
  • Linkable Loyalty: Automatically measures and aggregates purchases across any national retailer for use by Loyalty companies to reward and track consumer spending.
  • Omnyverse™ is our self-service network enabling advertisers to deliver performance-based offers through leading publishers that can be redeemed in-store, anywhere.

The experience millennials want.

Traditional couponing takes a lot of time and energy, the process of having to do work to save is one that is not trickling down into the millennial generation. Millennials want offers, but they want them to be easy and seamless – so, retailers and brands have to evolve to digital. The problem is that most have tried to provide a one-size-fits-all solution to couponing that, inherently, is based on their view of what they think consumers will do – not what consumers actually want. Typically these coupons just replicate a physical or print experience on a mobile device. Simply having a coupon on a smartphone doesn’t make for a better experience. In other words, it’s not about having the same thing – a coupon or a loyalty card – in a different format. What will drive scale for digital coupons and loyalty is when they’re smarter, easier and better than traditional coupons. This is what the Linkable Shopper Attribution Platform does. From promotions to loyalty to in-store conversion, Linkable adds attribution disguised as consumer value (a coupon, for example) to all of your digital media in a form that millennials love.


Bridge the gap between digital media and in-store sales. Seamlessly. Automatically. Digitally.

Not just digital. Smarter and digital.

The shift to digital will occur when digital coupons are as seamless as paying for an Uber. The most brilliant part of Uber is that payment is invisible. It just happens, automatically. Imagine if the same were true for coupons and rewards! Picture a scenario where your shoppers or members find a coupon or incentive for something they want or need to buy and all they have to do is save the coupon digitally to a credit or debit card. Brilliant, right!?! In doing so, they would receive their savings automatically when they pay. Nothing to clip, nothing to forget and nothing slowing down the checkout. And when redemption becomes automatic and seamless, you can focus on the experience and your shoppers.

Paperless digital-to-store. 100% attribution. Zero integration.