Linkable Promotions

For consumers, according to a recent Forrester study, the number one challenge with coupons is remembering you have them. 79 percent of the people surveyed said they didn’t make a purchase because they forgot a coupon. This is costing retailers and brands serious money while creating a negative experience for the shopper. So, what if you removed the paper, printing and clipping altogether? You’d be giving shoppers exactly what they want! According to Inmar’s annual coupon study, 78 percent of people want coupons to redeem automatically. Linkables do exactly that. By saving the coupon or promotion to their credit or debit card it’s always with your shoppers. This means they won’t walk out of the store empty handed, it drives more foot traffic into your stores and gives you unparalleled measurability of your digital promotions.

This is especially critical in reaching the next generation of shoppers – millennials. Retailers and brands need to adopt digital coupon redemption experiences that are frictionless in order to reach millennials shoppers – especially those with children. They are more inclined to try new retailers or new products when provided with personalized offers – which in turn drives customer acquisition, use of coupons and loyalty.

Linkable Promotions enable retailers and brands to:

  • Create fully-digital, SKU-level and whole-store coupons
  • Realize far beyond average ROAS – Return on Ad Spend
  • Build direct-to-consumer loyalty across all channels with personalized pricing
  • Accurately measure impact of digital spend with 100% Media Attribution reports
  • Increase sales, the most important KPI
  • Distribute coupons that redeem automatically
  • Convert printed media to digital offers redeemable at any retailer
  • Simplify and digitize the rebate process